The Xbox Series X Compared to The Xbox One X

The Xbox Series X Compared to The Xbox One X

Ah yes, The Xbox Series X, a long awaited predecessor to the xbox one. Of course it is worth the upgrade from the traditional xbox one and even the xbox one s. But how does The Xbox Series X stack up against The Xbox One X? Today we are going to discuss price, specs, the Xbox ecosystem, and more.


Let’s start off with pricing. Although Microsoft has not confirmed what the launch price of The Xbox Series X will be, we can guess that it will launch for around $500 since both the Xbox One, and Xbox one x launched at that price. But, right now you can pick up a refurbished Xbox One X for under $250 and by the release of the new Xbox this price will probably drop a bit more. So is The Xbox Series X worth more than twice the price of The Xbox One X? For that, let’s take a look at the specs.


The Xbox Series X rocks an 8-core 3.8ghz AMD Processor, A 12-teraflop 1.825ghz GPU, 16gb of GDDR6 RAM, and a 1tb SSD. It can stream up to 120fps at 8k. Now, the Xbox One X has an 8-core AMD processor at only 2.3ghz, A 6-teraflop 1172mhz GPU, 12gb of GDDR5 RAM, and a 1tb HDD. It can stream up to 60fps at 4k. For starters, Xbox upgrading to an SSD is long overdue. This upgrade alone will greatly increase boot up times as well as game load times. Then we have the processor, although they have the same amount of cores this new AMD processor will be way faster, its higher clock rate is a big component on increasing frame rates, and gameplay.

Other Factors

Before we move into what all this means for the Xbox ecosystem, let’s talk about other components that contribute to your gameplay. Even if you get this brand new Xbox with 8k support, chances are you’re not using it to its full potential. Most 8k televisions and monitors are going to cost over $1,000 and even some of the Samsung 8k televisions can cost over $5,000. But, 4k has been available for much longer and you can find some very affordable deals. Right now on Amazon you can pick up a 55 inch TCL 4k Smart TV for under $300.

The Ecosystem

Now what does this all mean for gaming with friends, all my xbox one games, and getting the most out of my console? Xbox has already confirmed that Xbox One games will be compatible on the new Xbox Series X. A\lthough this does not mean you will be able to play all your Xbox One games on launch,  there’s a pretty good chance support will be added. The biggest uncertainty I have with the new Xbox is my ability to play with friends. When the Xbox One was released, you could not play with friends on the Xbox 360. This is a big question that needs to be answered in my opinion.

My Recommendation

Currently I believe that if the Xbox Series X will launch at $500, that you would be better off paying close to $500 for the Xbox One X and a 4k TV, this way you will be using your Xbox to its full potential. Not just that but since many people owning an xbox one probably are not ready to pay another $500 for a new console you would still be able to play with many of your friends who are still on the Xbox One platform.

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