The IPhone SE 2 – Why?

The IPhone SE 2 – Why?

Now before I get into my rant over this new IPhone I would first like to say that I think Both IOS and Android are great platforms and it really comes down to personal preference on what you need in a phone. Even though this iphone may give you nostalgia it has one big issue in my opinion. The bezels. I cannot get over those big iconic Apple bezels.

Don’t get me wrong, the new IPhone SE rocks some powerful features, especially when you compare that $399 price point to the cost of The IPhone 11 and 11 Pro. The Iphone SE has Apple’s newest A13 Bionic chip, a fingerprint sensor, and a headphone jack (a pleasant surprise). But this device really does not have many drawbacks besides the bezels. When you compare the IPhone SE to many modern phones close to the same price point such as the Galaxy S10e, Oneplus 7T, and even phones with bigger bezels like the Google Pixel 4 do not compare to The IPhone SE. 

I feel this look just feels outdated and is hard for me to love in 2020. But that being said I think there is a place for this iphone, especially for people who are still used to the old design and prefer physical buttons. This is definitely a worthy upgrade for those still using The IPhone 8 and older. So despite the IPhone SE having big bezels, it has great specs for the price and well, it does look pretty.

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