Do You Need Windows in 2020?

Do You Need Windows in 2020?

Of Course everyone has heard of windows. They have been a big player since the dawn of operating systems. Although there are other options out there, linux and OSX. But is one really better than the other? Windows may be very intuitive and holds a 76% market share but does it really perform the best?

Support and Reliability

First off, support. Both OSX and Windows are going to have way more corporate support than any other operating system. But that doesn’t mean Linux has no support, If you choose the right distro, or one based on Ubuntu or Debian, you’ll receive plenty of support across different web forums and the answer usually can be solved through a simple google search. But if you don’t like to get your hands dirty you probably will hate Linux. Linux is not as reliable as windows and OSX and you will probably have more problems out of the box than any other operating system. 


Another major factor is storage. Linux has many more out of the box problems but it takes about 10% of the space on your hard drive that Windows does which makes it very portable to boot an external hard drive or micro-SD card. 


This is one thing Linux excels at, especially on older devices. Linux software is usually super lightweight and very snappy. It can make an 8 year old computer feel new again. But it lacks support for many mainstream apps. If you want to start working on spreadsheets with Excel, you’ll be put into a world of hurt on Linux. But there are great alternatives such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice and they’re almost always free so you’ll save money and get the same functionality. 

Final Thoughts

They’re all great. So much more can be discussed on the topic such as gaming, streaming, and more. But for someone looking to surf the web and watch TV, you’ll find both to be great options. If you’re someone who likes to tinker and play around with what your computer looks like, you’ll love Linux. But if you just want someone out of the box ready to go, then stick with windows or OSX. 

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