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Use your arrow keys or [W,A,S,D] keys to navigate pacman.

To pause / resume the game press [SPACE] or [ESC] or just click into the game area.


Use swipe gestures to navigate pacman.

Alternatively use the Arrow Buttons underneath the game area to navigate pacman.

To pause / resume the game, touch the game area once.


Ghosts are creatures that hunt pacman and will kill him if they catch him.

Every ghost has its own strategy to chase down pacman.


Inky will stay in the ghost house until pacman has eaten at least 30 pills. His home is the bottom right corner.


Blinky is the most agressive of the 4 ghosts. He will start chasing pacman right away, and aim directly at him. His home is the upper right corner.


Pinky will start chasing pacman right away, he will always aim 4 fields ahead and 4 fields left of pacman. His home is the upper left corner.


Inky will stay in the ghost house until pacman has eaten at least 2/3 of all pills. His home is the bottom left corner.

Ghost moods

The ghosts have two different moods that change the way they act during the game.

Scatter mood

This is the default mood. When ghosts are in scatter mood, they will just go to their home corner and stay there.

Chase mood

After a certain time the ghosts change their mood and want to go chasing pacman. This is indicated through the walls turning red.



The goal of every level is, to eat all the white pills without getting catched by the ghosts. One pill results in 10 points.


In every level there are 4 powerpills, which are a bit bigger than the regular ones. If Pacman eats those, he will get strong enough to eat the ghosts. You can see this indicated by the ghosts turning blue. One powerpill results in 50 points.

Eating a ghost results in 100 points. The soul of the ghost will return to the ghost house before starting to chase Pacman again.

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Current Version: 1.0.1 (2020-10-06) (get latest)

Pacman Canvas is Open Source, written by platzh1rsch. You can get the code on github.

If you have any suggestions how to make this app better, please post your suggestion / request on uservoice.

Pacman Canvas

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This whole thing was written in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript (using small bits of jquery). For the basics I was following the "Exploring HTML5 Canvas" Tutorials (Part 1 - 6) by Devhammer. Thanks for the great Tutorial!

For some other stuff, like how to write objectorientated javascript I was following the tutorials over at http://www.codecademy.com/, which is a really great site to learn Javascript and also other languages.

If you understand German you can also read my blogpost about this site: "Pacman in HTML5 Canvas".